Sunday, April 17, 2011

Remarkable Story

I have been remiss at writing. Trying to be a dad again. What's up with life getting in the way of blogging? Where are my priorities?

Here is a remarkable story about a soldier with live RPG ordnance that impaled his abdomen and the team that removed it. This was a situation for which we had contingency plans but fortunately never had to face. Essentially the plan was clear the OR of all unnecessary personnel, strap on that body armor collecting dust in our hooch, and cross your fingers. The surgeon was from the 759th Forward Surgical Team which was one of our predecessors at FOB Lagman deploying there in 2009. The event took place in 2006 so it must have been an earlier deployment for the 759th.

Thanks to my friend Donna for bringing the video to my attention.

(I tried to link the video directly to the post but Blogspot only seems to accept Youtube links.)

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  1. I saw this just before I deployed to the Logar province in 2010. During that deployment, I found myself backfilling for a few weeks in FOB Orgun-E where this story took place.

    The neat thing about FOB Orgun-E was that the door-frame to the operating room lists the names of all the previous medical personnel... including surgeon, John Oh.. who I believe is now a LTC serving active duty in Landstuhl.