Friday, November 5, 2010

November Rain

Can you believe it?  It finally rained here.  Drizzle.  For about 30 minutes.  But now that it has happened, we're expecting lush lawns and gardens.

Work continues to be steady.  Our most recent trauma included six Americans in an IED blast.  Fortunately most were not seriously injured.  Our surgeons did make a great save on an Afghani with a gunshot wound to the chest that penetrated his diaphragm and lacerated his spleen.  He required nearly 30 units of blood including blood from the walking blood bank but word from the next level of care was that he has survived and is off the ventilator.

The biggest news, however, is that hump day is rapidly approaching.  For those of us who left in July, we are within days of the halfway point in this deployment.  It will feel quite good to start the downhill portion.

Oh by the way, here are those lush landscapes:

Lush Lawn

Lush Garden

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