Saturday, November 20, 2010

Organized Chaos

Our team was assembled from across Navy units worldwide.  Many of the members had little or no trauma experience since even the largest navy medical centers often defer local trauma to civilian hospitals in the area.  Most of the experience native to the team resulted from the residency training of the physicians and prior combat zone tours by some of the members.  The training effort to get every one up to speed has been considerable and ongoing.  This is because the resuscitation bays are nothing if not "organized chaos" especially during a mass casualty.  It is critical for people to know their role and stay in their lane in order to develop a pit crew type of coordination.

During one of the codes, the base public affairs officer was present to photograph the proceedings.  Here are some samples that demonstrate the process.

Outside triage performed.

Litters are carried in.

The crew converges.

Multiple procedures may occur at once.

 Patient must be lifted by hand for survey and xrays.


Once evaluations are completed, patients are moved for surgery or MEDEVAC.

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  1. Dear Scott,
    as a nurse, this was a fascinating blog to stumble across.
    Thank you, to you and all those with you, for the job you are all doing.