Saturday, February 12, 2011

Life On The FOB: Part 11 - All The FOB's A Canvas

You might think that the military suppresses creativity and individual expression. I do. Wait did I just admit that? Nevertheless, it still creeps out in unexpected ways and places. No less on the FOB. Where most see mundane concrete, earthworks, and defensive structures, some see a canvas. And, still others see an opportunity to critique. So let's celebrate the Hesco and jersey barrier as vehicles for artistry.

For some, the unit is the muse.
Seahorses and whacking bushes where there are none. Hmm, abstract.

For some, inspiration comes from national identity.

For the FST, we just wanted the best. Everything is a competition, you know.

FST virtuosity. No seriously.

Then there are the Hesco artists, who favor rawer sketch techniques.

Primal rage. Get thee to Combat Stress Therapy.

It speaks to the interconnectedness of man, woman and guns. I think. Maybe.

But in the end, isn't all art simply emotion?

I smile therefore I am...a Hesco.

By the way, we were thinking of auctioning these priceless treasures. If you want to bid, let us know. Shipping not included.

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