Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Soiree' at Sunrise

Game time was in the early morning hours here and no one was going to let the 0400 kickoff stop the party. The DFAC opened and served plates of calories and cholesterol deep-fat-fried to perfection. Near beer flowed freely.

Taunting between camps also flowed freely. It is fortunate that they don't organize units by states, ala the Civil War. Otherwise things might have really gotten out of hand.

Missing the Cheeseheads

We didn't get to see the commercials. Instead, AFN broadcast homemade public service announcements submitted by units worldwide. They were, um, as good as you might imagine. Also Defense Secretary Gates and Admiral Mullen, Chair of the Joint Chiefs, in a blatant attempt to catch us paying attention, thanked us for our service. Personally, I prefer Pepsi, Budweiser, and but oh well.

No couches for these potatoes.

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