Sunday, October 24, 2010

October Chill

The mornings have gotten cold here in Qalat.  However, there can be a 40 degree daily temperature range in the desert mountain climate so the afternoons are pleasant.  Team members have been digging deep into their bags to retrieve the cold weather gear that seemed so cumbersome to lug around in the heat of Kuwait.  There is an upside to cold weather.  We have been waiting for the cold and alternately invoking Moses to end our plaque of house flies.  But some of the buggers are still hanging in there.  So the battle rages on.

Our work has been steady.  We seem to be on the "an-IED-per-day-keeps-the-doctors-in-play" plan.  Most of our patients have been Afghan National Army.  We did treat two patients with stab wounds from the same incident.  Details were sketchy.  We weren't sure if there was a bayonet charge or if two dudes jumped them on the way to the mosque.  Our most serious incident involved four Americans who suffered significant facial trauma and head injuries in spite of their MRAP.  We believe that they may not have been properly restrained.  Getting thrown about inside your vehicle is hazardous to your head which is one more excellent reason to use your seatbelt.  You've heard of "Click-it or ticket" and "Seatbelts save lives".  I propose "Buckle for the blast." 

Every year the army sponsors the Army Ten-Miler run in Washington DC.  Army units hold shadow runs around the world including FOBs in combat zones.  So yesterday, on their day off, about 100 dedicated souls got up at 0600 and ran six laps around the perimeter road in the cold, against the wind, up the hills, over the rocks, and through the dust for about two hours.  Good on them.  I think they get a T-shirt.


  1. One t-shirt/100 dedicated souls = 14 "t-shirt minutes" per day per dedicated soul allowing for a modicum of changing time.
    Hmmm...I wonder why I never did well at word problems in school !

  2. Were you one of the 100 dedicated souls? It sounds as though you took a pass this time round. Can't say that I'd be up for running in the cold.