Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten Ten Ten

It has been a slow week which more than a few observers have noted is a good thing.  We are the one unit that every one wants to see wallow in boredom.

There have been only a couple of trauma codes recently.  It is not just Americans and Afghanis affected here.  Two Romanian soldiers were killed and a third was wounded in one incident. 

Romanian flag at half mast

We also had a soldier past through who had been in an IED explosion and only received a fracture to his fibula.  That's it!  He didn't even require surgery just a cast.  The amazing angle to his story was that it was his second IED blast in five days and third over the past two months.  His look in the resuscitation bay suggested that it was all inevitable.  But I was thinking that he was the guy to take to Las Vegas.

Anyhow, who are we to complain of ennui?  Not when you can make sport of swatting the boundless supply of house flies.

Unsportsmanlike conduct

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  1. Scott,

    Great journal. Fantastic on the "golden hour". We will be mindful of your over the course of your tour. I was thinking that I don't think I know anyone more ideally suited for this job. The folks may not realize how lucky they are that you are the Doc when they are coming in on the stretcher but they will coming out. I would be glad that you were the Doc.