Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spectacular Kandahar

So honestly it's not spectacular, except in the context of being 60 miles closer to home. I read the post I wrote seven months ago titled "The Spectacle of Kandahar." Spectacle is still the better description. Not much seems to have changed but we have had a few days to wander KAF, or Kandahar Air Field and I can't help make some observations.

The Role III Medical Treatment Facility is the newest, nicest building around. So much so that it sticks out. Red brick in a forest of brown tents and drab concrete.

The OR's are from another world relative to what we have come from.

Wow. Clean floor. What's that like?

The KAF Boardwalk is the central hangout. I heard that Gen McCrystal tried to shut it down before he resigned. But then he wasn't very much fun.

Ice cream, pizza, phones, and bargains for 'you, my special friend.'
War Memorial on the Boardwalk

You can buy cool stuff on the boardwalk.

Terror Chess. Art imitates life.
But the highlight of our visit is the site-seeing. You know rare things outside our humdrum trees,

I think that I shall never see, a site as lovely as a tree.
and bodies of water,

Three great things about this scene: 1) water, 2) greenery, 3) floaty toys (that's the Eiffel Tower way in the back).
and 'deluxe' accommodations,

It's the Ritz. No seriously, we think so.

Ikea, How do I love thee?
 and, of course, hockey.

Canadians and Slovaks would probably play hockey on the  moon.
How to summarize the place? Here is a metaphor seems to fit.

KAF. As delightful as a Journey concert.


  1. Hello and greetings from Australia. I've been scouring the web looking for first hand info from Defence Force Personal. Just wanted say Hi from and wish you all the best.

    Soon to be an Australian Soldier.

  2. Leighton,

    I'm glad you found the blog. Maybe it will prove useful to you. Of course, every unit's deployment experience is different. There are many Aussies at KAF, along with lots of other nations. My most useful advice is that the Asian DFAC (dining facility) is the best at KAF (Mmm, stir fry). That and try to keep a sense of humor, it helps with the stress. Thanks for your service. Wishing you the best, Down Under.


  3. Thanks Heaps. Keep a sense of humor, I'll remember that.

    I look forward to more from 'The Sand Docs'.

    Cheers to you all.

  4. I'm over at Role 1 Cdn. Nice blog and photos !