Saturday, March 19, 2011

We're On The Road To Somewhere

If it were up to those of us on the front, they would just pull up a 747, we'd board, and it would land at some convenient stop-off, say New York.  Alas, we do not run the show. And the power-that-be have other ideas. So we are slowly making our way home via all the required stops.

Hindu Kush. The final view.

For the first few days, we made it 300 feet closer to home. By that I mean that we moved out of our hooches and into transient tents near the FOB Lagman flight line. After only a few days delay, we then caught a helo hop to Kandahar Air Field putting us 60 miles closer to home.  By the way, did you know that all military travel is contracted through Haul-That-Herd Air Service? It's true. We can attest.

Rotary cattle car.
At KAF we have squeezed a few hours of administrative processing into several more days. No rush, it's only been eight months. Thoughtfully, our senior chief, who left three weeks early and is already home, posted on Facebook that he was praying for us. The team's consensus is that he's a saint. The upside, there's always an upside, is all the practice sitting around.

Sitting around on a flight line.
Sitting around at the KAF air terminal.
We should get out of Kandahar soon. Next stop Kuwait. 1000 miles closer to home.

Come on hitch a ride.

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  1. Amazing shot of the mountains. Safe travels and look forward to reading more.