Friday, March 11, 2011

We Stand Relieved

We held a little ceremony to turnover clinical responsibility to the new Forward Surgical Team yesterday afternoon. The new OIC relieved Ted and the pagers were handed off to our counterparts.

Presentation of ceremonial guide-on.
We then moved out of the berthing areas into temporary rooms next to the flight line. That makes us three hundred feet closer to home. The truth is that if a plane were available there is no reason that we couldn't fly home now. We'd be sleeping in our own beds before the weekend was over. Unfortunately that is not how it works and we will spend the next few weeks making our way home via all the required stops along the way.


  1. Safe travels Scott! I'll miss reading this blog. I wish all of you a safe and healthy transition back to the states and with your families. Bring on the reunions. Godspeed.

  2. Scott,
    Thank you for your posts and the dedication and sacrifices that you and your team have made on behalf of both the US and the Afghan people. You are a true hero in my book. Have a safe journey home and enjoy the company of loved ones and friends, you all deserve it and then some.