Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Life On The FOB. Part I - Overview

Coalition forces are spread out throughout the country of Afghanistan by a network of Forward Operating Bases, or FOBs.  They have varying levels of services, amenities and capabilities.  Some are quite primitive.  Ours is mid level so I'm told.  Nevertheless, FOB life is definitely a shared experience for deployed service members.

Forward Operating Base Lagman is named after Staff Sergeant Anthony Lagman who was killed in 2004 while conducting operations with the 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan.  He is memorialized at the base entrance.
FOB entrance

Here and here are links to online memorials.

Bird's eye view

Here is Global Security's blurb on FOB Lagman.  Some of the information is dated but for reasons of operational security I won't be expounding much on the discrepancies.  The US army has the largest presence but the Romanian army presence is still significant here.  As for the US navy, we are a small school of fish in this pond.

As far as amenities, FOB Lagman has a good DFAC, a decent gym, and a Green Beans Coffee.  What else could you ask for?  Other than clean latrines.  But then I'm soft.

Uh, "Deployment First, Coffee Second"

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