Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September Ending

It feels like Indian summer here in Qalat.  The mornings are cool, even chilly, while the days are warm and sunny.  Unfortunately, unlike home, there are no leaves turning color to get the true feeling but oh well.

We have seen 69 patients in the month of September.  I was frankly surprised that it was that many as the pace has been very uneven.  There have been long stretches of quiet with little to do except train and clean interrupted by bursts of extraordinary effort.  Perhaps this reflects the pace of the war itself in this region.  Few engagements but many casualties when they occur.  We seem to be busier on the weekends which coincides with the beginning of the Muslim work week.  Go figure.

We have certainly seen our share of tragedy but I believe that have had our successes as well.  Every patient who has arrived with a pulse has left our care with a pulse.  That is something in which our team takes pride.  Knock on wood.

Here is an update on one of those successes.  Awhile back I wrote about 10 year old boy who was critically injured with a sucking chest wound.  He survived and came back to us for followup.  He is doing well and everyone agreed that he was one tough kid. 

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  1. So glad to hear good news, especially that this little boy is doing well. God bless you all!