Saturday, September 4, 2010

Orthopedists: Cool or Not Cool?

Dave is our orthopedic surgeon.  He continues to insist that he is as cool as the PJs, heck even cooler than those commando types.  This in spite of being resoundingly overruled by the voice of reason (i.e. all the rest of us).  This is not surprising for orthopedists.  They generally think that everyone in medicine should be in awe of the hammer, saw and screw specialists.

So I leave it up to you, the informed public, the gentle readers to decide for yourselves.  Is Dave cool or not cool?  Let us examine the evidence:

Dave is cool when he performs patient care.  Here he is in surgery.

Dave and Paul, our transplant surgeon, in surgery.

On the other hand, Dave is not cool when he does pretty much anything else.

Dave chillin'

Based on what you have seen so far, you might believe that the weight of evidence is fairly evenly balanced, that it is difficult to decide the issue.

However, here is the smoking gun.

These are Dave's boots.  He insists that he has scribbled his blood type on them.  After all, we are in a combat zone.

Dave's blood type or something else?

Dave, cool dudes like PJs don't write their GPAs on their boots.  This is not cool.

I rest my case.


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  2. "... Is Dave cool or not cool? ..."
    I'm torn: as an "A+" myself, I'm in Dave's corner, but having seen a few gruff orthopedists for my back since I was eleven, I'm not so sure. JeanS
    P.S. We're praying for you - Annunciation Church in Webster Groves, MO, USA

  3. Hey, I'm for giving Dave the benefit of the doubt. Is it his fault that his blood type happens to coincide with a super GPA? But,on the other hand, if I scribbled my blood type(B+)on my combat boots, it wouldn't be nearly as impressive. So I'd probably just skip it, in case people would get the wrong idea!

  4. Scott: I'll leave it up to his colleagues in the field to determine whether Dave deserves the Big "C" or not. What I CAN tell you is your blog is very well done. Good writing. I am enjoying it. Rachel & Jake say hello, and you're in our prayers.

  5. Dave is totally cool. This is of course coming from an O- . He's also cool because he has twice sent a link to your blog for all to enjoy. In all seriousness, everyone of you over there are cool. Dave happens to be exceptionally cool bc he's my big brother.