Saturday, September 25, 2010

Life On The FOB: Part III - If Dust Were Water, We'd Be All Wet

We've been here a month and there hasn't been a hint of rain or, for that matter, hardly a dang cloud in the sky.  This has lead to some interesting observations.

When you refer to tours to Iraq or Afghanistan, you call it a "trip to the sandbox". This makes sense because sand connotates tropical beach vacations and sandbox connotates carefree backyard childhood play which, of course, is exactly how we think of our tours here.  (It also, ahem, makes for brilliant puns in blog titles.) 

The problem is that it really isn't sandy here.  It is, well, dirt with a little rock thrown in for landscaping.  In fact, the FOB is the El Dorado of dirt.  You swim in an ocean of dust.  That is until it rains, when you supposedly swim in an ocean of mud. But then there is no worry of that since we've come to the conclusion that rain is just a myth.

Anyhow, having become experts on all things dirty, we have discovered some fantastic new uses for the stuff.

Tabletop Covers

Drywall and Siding
Advanced Vehicle Detection System

Contemporary Sculpture

All of this leads to the point of this post which is to show the reader the covert war in Afghanistan.  That which you won't find out anywhere else so that you know what is really going on.  Here is the evidence of that hidden agenda.

War's Dirtiest Secret.  America Hoarding Afghanistan's Most Abundant Resource.
Screw WikiLeaks, you read it here first.

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  1. I doubt that photographs can do justice to the stuff. Be sure to bring some of it home so we can see it first hand. From the looks of things, it would never be missed!