Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Best Card, Ever?

We have had a slow week which might prompt us all to believe that peace on earth is breaking out.  We should be so lucky.

As I have mentioned in past entries, it has been the pattern for insurgent activity to drop off in the winter.  Our case load so far seems to bear this out.  We continue to perform urgent care as it appears.  Appendicitis and hands caught in doors have been the "bread and butter."   Still, one of the soldiers who has passed through here warned us not to expect a slow down.  His belief was that many of the insurgents lacked the funds to make a trek home and would thus be around for the winter.  Granted it is hard to sift the wheat from chaff on the rumor mill.  (Heck, it's hard to to sift wheat from chaff on an intel report as anyone who has dealt with intel can tell you.)  However, this particular service member had the unenviable job of being embedded with Afghan units in the province which requires him to work, live, and sleep in town outside the wire.  He got the benefit of the doubt from us.

We are celebrating the holidays in our way which includes lots of cards.  Brandi, one of our motivated nurses, took the FST group picture and attached it to a Christmas card.  We are naturally partial to this card but it probably doesn't rise to "best ever."  The photo quality is not the greatest because our scanner, like our environment, is, well, austere but here it is:

Army green is so Christmassy.  Don't you think?

We have gotten so many Holiday and Christmas cards and care packages that it is hard to thank all of the individuals involved.  These are all very nice cards with drawings, decorations, personal notes, and wishes for our safety and success.

Stacks on the walls and under the tree.

There is one note, in particular, that really stood out.  So much so that we had to scan it.  Here it is:

Masterpiece on loose leaf.

David, I just want you to know that I/we are okay, and what I mean is still alive, which I should be since I am typing this (you'll just have to trust me on everyone else).  And I'll get right on that thank you card!


  1. Priceless!!! Thanks for sharing and thank you again for serving.

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  3. Merry Christmas to all of you. From a vet in Illinois. Stay safe.