Thursday, December 9, 2010

Scenes From The OR

We have a single operating room that has the ability to handle two separate surgeries at once, hopefully with only minimal stepping over each other.  Surgery often consists of procedures on multiple sites, the chest, abdomen, extremities.  Everything from our manning to our supply and facilities is geared to provide that capability.   Sometimes with mass casualties, our surgeons are scrubbing in and out of the surgical field to attend to the needs of other patients in the resuscitation bays.  Here are some images from the operating room, which is our core mission.

 The OR techs start the process.

Linda and Sam scrubbed and ready for action.

Martin lays out instruments at the scrub table.
  Preparing the patient for surgery.

Many moving parts.

Surgery in progress.

Surgeons, Dave and Paul, at work.
 Meanwhile transfusion is ongoing.  Hanging blood is a two person task.

Some of our nurses hang and track blood products.

Afterward, the clean up.

Hand washing supplies.


  1. looks like Grand Central at rush hour!

  2. Wow! Sounds like a lot to get together in such a small space! Thanks for the update & new pics.