Friday, December 17, 2010

Life on the FOB: Part 7 - Winter Wonderland

As Christmas and New Year's approach, the business of the FOB continues.  Flight operations are ever present.  Convoys arrive and leave.  Maintenance, resupply, construction and training are ongoing and never ending.  Nevertheless, holiday spirit is apparent.  Here are some images that show that deployment has not turned us into Scrooges.

The US Postal Service, gets in the spirit.

How Santa fulfills his DOD contract.
 The wildly popular Charlie Brown look

All it needed was a little love.

Some favor a minimalist approach.

Tinsel tent
We have heard that in Qalat there is a longstanding tradition of trodding out into the woods to chop down your own tree.

Look, there's a perfect one...right...over...there.

At the FST, we improvised with the supplies available.

An iv pole will do in a pinch.

Supply trucks bring in brown paper packages tied up with string

Ready for Tiny Tim

If you are not infused with holiday spirit, then you might be infused with holiday spirit.

Good cheer in a saline bag


  1. Great post, as usual. Wishing all of you a Quiet and Calm Christmas, and as always, Thank You to each of you, for the jobs you are doing.

  2. Merry Christmas to all of you! Praying for a safe holiday. =) Wonderful post! Made me laugh & want to send a real (ok...a fake) Christmas tree to you.