Sunday, January 16, 2011


After months together, we said goodbye to our Air Force contingent today. Their time in Afghanistan is complete. Mission accomplished.

Air Force team
One of the constants of military life is how quickly people move through it. Whether during deployments or at "permanent" duty stations, you often have intense relationships with fellow service members for a short period before moving on. Anyone who has served on active duty understands what I mean. Friends come and go rapidly.

Last goodbyes.

We appreciate all that the nurses and medics of the 466th Fighter Squadron did to serve the wounded and contribute to the mission. Whether they go on to new military assignments or to civilian life, we wish them the best and send them off with the naval service's traditional farewell:  Fair winds and following seas.

No looking back.
There is a new team on its way and we look forward to new collaborations and relationships.

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