Sunday, January 30, 2011

Life On The FOB: Part 10 - Wetter Wonderland

Oh, Afghanistan, I didn't know you had it in you. 'It' being about an inch. That's my estimate of how much rain has fallen in the past two days. Our crisp desert FOB has been transformed to something new and exciting which I'll term the Wetter Wonderland. It features:

combat zone smoking which, like the postal service, comes rain, sleet, or snow,

Cig-ing in the rain

the big fashion houses launching their seasonal lines,

Classic accessorizing: watch cap, shower shoes, and a cig.

Trendsetting: Dave's Prada puddle jumpers.

 the appearance of new amenities,

New Jacuzzi spa for shower trailer.

Trout pond. Ready to stock.

and the botanical gardens readying for the spring extravaganza.

An ornamental accentuating the Hesco hedgerow.

FOB Blooms! in the Bulb Garden

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