Friday, January 14, 2011

Life On The FOB: Part 9 - The Zoo

The FOB is like a quaint little hamlet bounded by hescoe barriers and concertina wire.  Okay maybe it's closer to a corrugated tin-roofed, shanty-town with satellite dishes, but why quibble?  Anyhow, just like home, it has many amenities.  So whenever, we need a change-of-pace or a little pick-me-up, a visit to the zoo always makes for a great outing.  At the FOB zoo you can see:


Cute puppy !

Cute puppy ?


Pretty, mangy kitties.

rodents (as though you really wanted to see one),

Hands on display

the reptile bin,

Mice like trash and snakes like mice.  How sweet.

the aviary,

Hawk.  Don't ask where it came from.  Don't tell why it's here.

Birds-on-a-wire, FOB style.

and the bat cave ('Uncle' Kenny, our Green Beret-turned-OR-nurse).

Don't mess with the masked vigilante.

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