Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

I've had a bit of a hiatus posting due to internet problems and feeling under-the-weather. We are experiencing a torrential downpour here which is fortunate. How else were the locals to fill their swimming pools before the hot weather arrives? It also gives me hope of finding some greenery, and I'm not referring to the camouflage or the dining facility's meat loaf. Thank you very much.

We continue to get casualties mostly from areas along the Pakistan border, a marked difference from the autumn months when the action was frequently in the surrounding area. One of the casualties last week had multiple gunshot wounds including one that pierced the wallet in his breast pocket. Unfortunately, it did not stop the bullet but it may have spared him worse damage than the lung lacerations he received. He should survive the wound. His wallet is a different story. Sadly, it could not be revived.

One of the consequences of the more distant location where the action is occurring is the greater delay between the call for and the arrival of patients. This brings up the subject of the post, how to spend all that time waiting...

professional reading,

Danielle Steele's Handbook of War Surgery

fun and games,

Paul: transplant surgeon, pub-crawler

Manuel's array of talents on display

Uncle Kenny, the ex-Green Beret, tells tall tales

and intensive mental preparation.

She's got her radio, so lay off will ya?

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