Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Cap

The rainy season has arrived. After months of dry-as-a-bone weather, there has been precipitation several days over the past two weeks. Lest we forget that we are at 5000 ft above sea level in January, much of it has been snow. On the coldest days, the temperatures have been below 20F. Given the fact that it was routinely over 100F in August, it begs the question: What the...?

Snow cap on distance peaks
Insurgent activity has been limited in our province this month.  However, there was an IED along the Pakistan border last week that hit a vehicle of the Afghan Border Patrol. 4 KIAs and 2 wounded. We were unable to get information about whether the IED was believed to be old or have been recently placed by insurgents operating from Pakistan. Securing the border has proved problematic even a decade into this war. Nevertheless, we remain at the ready.

Mountain back drop for the flags
The replacement Air Force team arrived safely by way of Manas, Kyrgyzstan. If you think it's cold here, try the Tian Shan mountains of central Asia in the former Soviet satellites. Yikes.

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